Desktop Sputtering

VacTechnishe DST3-T

The VacTechnishe DST3-T desktop sputtering is a three-target, turbo molecular-pumped, multi-vacuum coater system housed in a single small desktop unit. The VacTechnishe DST3-T is capable of depositing a wide range of materials, including metals, semiconductors, and ceramics, due to its three 2″ magnetron cathodes, of which, two DC generators, and one RF generator. The DST3-T has three angled cathodes and may perform deposition from two cathodes at the same time, allowing for co-sputtering. The substrate holder can accommodate substrates up to 3″ in diameter for depositions at various temperatures, and its rotation allows for very good layer uniformity.

System specification:
· Process gases: Ar
· Available targets: Cr, Se, PTFE
· RF- Magnetron: 300 W maximum
· DC Magnetron: 600 W maximum
· Vacuum pressure: 2 × 10-6 < P < 2 × 10-5
· Sputtering vacuum range: 5 × 10-2 < P < 5 × 10-3
· Substrate holder rotation speed: 6 to 12 rpm
· Substrate holder temperature: 500 °C

User Support and Scientific Advice:
Responsible: Bruno Magalhaes (

Substitute: Matko Kandzija (