Lapping and Polishing Equipment

The Logitech PM6 precision lapping and polishing equipment can be used for thinning down samples like Si, quartz, SiGe, ect. Current maximum sample dimensions are up to 20 x 20 mm. For using the equipment and obtain training please contact the NFF staff that is responsible for the PM6. The equipment is located in the common tool area, room: I21.EG.R214.


Sample dimensions: Up to 20 x 20 mm

Available lapping powder: Fused aluminium oxide – 5 μm and ultra fine aluminium oxide powder – 0.3 μm (MSDS).

Polishing: Logitech SF1 polishing fluid (MSDS). Alkaline Colloidal Silica, suitable for polishing wafers and a wide range of optical / optoelectronic components.

Tool Owner: S. Bagiante

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