Raman Microscope

We have a Renishaw inVia Raman microscope (Qontor).

This tool can be used to measure Raman spectral signal, of both solid and powder samples.

Max sample height is 34mm.

Current excitation wavelengths:

  • 532nm (DPSS), 100mW
  • 633nm (HeNe), 15 mW

We currently have the following Leica objectives installed:

  • N PLAN 5x, NA 0.12, WD 14.00
  • N PLAN 20x, NA 0.40, WD 1.15
  • N PLAN L 50x, LWD, NA 0.5, WD 8.2 (powder)
  • N PLAN 100x, NA 0.85, WD 0.22

Tool Owner: Rodolfo Previdi, Evgeniia Volobueva