Guide for new users

How to gain access to the Nanofabrication Facility?

Take the mandatory NFF general introduction.

How to gain access to the tools?

1. Schedule an introduction to the tool, through ppms, with the responsible staff member (see table below).
2. You can gain experience with the tool by joining your labmates in their sample fab or simply ask for help to the NFF staff.
3. Take the practical test, where you will demonstrate your ability to safely operate the tool.
4. Turn in the corresponding authorization form, signed by your supervisor.


Tool Owner Back up
EBPG Salvo Juan
SEM Juan Lubuna
Mask Aligner Jack / Lubuna Juan
Profilometer Lubuna Juan
Optical Microscopes Lubuna Juan
Plassys HV Lubuna Juan
Plassys UHV Lubuna Juan
ICP-Cl Juan Lubuna
ICP-F Juan Lubuna
ALD Juan Lubuna
Ellipsometer Juan Lubuna
RTA Juan Lubuna
Plasma Asher Lubuna Juan
Vapor HF Lubuna Juan
Dicing Saw Juan Lubuna
Wire Bonder Juan Lubuna
DC Probe Station Juan Lubuna
Wet Bench (Acids) Lubuna Juan
Wet Bench (Solvents) Lubuna Juan
Wet Bench (HF) Lubuna Juan
Polishing System Salvo Juan
AFM Juan Lubuna